KeyRing supports people to go beyond having a presence in their community. Community Connections are about the community and the individual serving each other in a way that brings about mutual respect.

We aim to support Members to build real and lasting relationships in the community. With good Community Connections, Members become full citizens of their neighbourhood and less reliant on paid support.

Group of Members and staff all smiling at the camera

KeyRing believes that we need to look beyond traditional models of social care and learn from the community development field. KeyRing's Community Connections work has been informed by people such as John McKnight.

To see a shortened version of an article about Community Connectionswhich first appeared in Community Living magazine (Vo4 23, No.4)  Click here


KeyRing believes the support available within a community is at least as important as support which is paid for.

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We offer Members lots of support to get involved in their community and because they live in the area, their volunteer knows the neighbourhood well.

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