22 September 2017

A visit to Rotterdam

James Chester and Fred Pritchard, who work in KeyRing’s North London team, have been to visit a Dutch charity called Pameijer. Four years ago KeyRing helped Pameijer to start KeyRing-style Networks in the Netherlands. James and Fred went to see how they have got on.


Pameijer call their Networks ‘Buurtcirkels’, which means ‘neighbourhood circle’. They have 25 in and around Rotterdam run by Pameijer, and have sold the ‘Buurtcirkel’ model to other organisations across the Netherlands as a franchise. Pameijer train staff for these franchised ‘Buurtcirkels’ and monitor them to make sure they are working well.

James and Fred met with staff at Pameijer, as well as ‘Buurtcirkel’ members and a policy advisor at Rotterdam council. They found out lots of useful information about how Pameijer have set up so many ‘Buurtcirkels’ so quickly, what is working well for ‘Buurtcirkel’ members, and how Pameijer train their staff and volunteers. This will be really helpful in setting up new KeyRing Networks in Haringey later this year!