06 September 2017

Nigel in Berlin!

Nigel and Jack have reached Berlin! Here is the latest update from their journey.


"We finally made it to Berlin after some long days in the saddle. We had good weather most of the way to Berlin, just one day with some heavy rain. My brother in law Tom who works in Berlin met us at our final campsite before Berlin at Radigke. He was on his way from an event in Leipzig and passed very close by. We arrived at the same time and it was a great pleasure to see him again. He had some beers so we could celebrate almost getting to Berlin! Then he took us to a local hostelry for something to eat. Jack accepted the offer of a lift into Berlin so he could hang out with his uncle there and take part in a treasure hunt the next day.

In contrast I had yet another long days ride on the final section of the first leg of the journey. But it was very pleasant through forest mostly and on good cycle paths. I got to Tom's flat on the dot of 7 pm. Jack and Tom didn't return for another couple of hours but I was able to get in with the help of Hilde from next door. When they did return it sounded like the treasure hunt was much harder work than the cycling! We had a very pleasant evening with Tom and a couple of friends sharing a meal in Tom's flat. We had a wander around town on the Sunday mostly near the old Berlin Wall and the memorials relating to it. We also wandered the The Mauer Market, which happens every Sunday in Mauer Park (the wall park). There's a huge flea market, food market and lots of groovy music and a crazy Karaoke Amphitheatre. It's a shame we didn't have more time to enjoy such a vibrant city but Tom had booked time off work so we needed to leave the city on Monday."


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