27 April 2017

South Gloucestershire Health Champion!

Lisa Prewitt is a support worker in South Gloucestershire. She is taking a level 2 qualification in 'Understanding Health Improvement' in June.


Lisa will become a Health Champion for Members in South Gloucestershire promoting health and well-being. It also offers the worker regular networking opportunities, supervision and health-based training to promote healthy lifestyle choices in a supported manner.

"I currently help Members to try to choose/adopt healthier lifestyles due to one of my previous backgrounds as a personal trainer with nutrition training/fitness/circuits instruction and encourage them to take regular exercise where they can do this. I feel that exercise and nutrition is very important for physical and in turn mental health as both directly effect the other. One of the schemes (Sportspound South Gloucs) has enabled me to secure free fitness sessions and swimming which several Members have taken advantage of and the Sport England South Gloucestershire rep encouraged me to contact the Health Champions scheme. He felt that working in the community and my previous experience in fitness could benefit the people I work with. I feel that this would really benefit the people I work with by increasing my knowledge to help them even more with more ideas of how to encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles and help my colleagues with this knowledge."