Chain Reaction

An older man smilingAt KeyRing we don’t believe that a shrinking social circle is an inevitable part of getting older. Our work with older people supports them to make and maintain links and aims to keep people living happily at home for as long as possible.

Like the rest of our work, it is based on our core belief that everyone has the right to be respected as full members of their community and to contribute to that community. By supporting and maintaining community links it is possible to fulfil many of the needs identified in a person’s plan in a cost effective and natural way.

Our current work with older people includes mutual support, group and 1:1 support and covers things such as staying safe, maintaining a home, making and maintaining community links and linking with other agencies.

To get a flavour of our work with older people have a look at the Chain Reaction website. KeyRing was instrumental in designing this service and is one of three partners involved in its delivery.