The Network Model

When KeyRing started over 25 years ago, we used a supported living network to help people feel safe and supported in their own homes. We still have networks today and experience shows that they are a great way to support people to live independently in the community.

All of the other things we do are based on the network ideals of co-production, volunteering, mutual support and community connection.  The network is a powerful and effective vehicle, and helps KeyRing support people to achieve the outcomes they want, and KeyRing is all about outcomes!


What is a KeyRing Network?

A map with arrows pointing to where people live

A supported living network is made up of a number of ordinary homes. People who need support live in all but one of them. These people are KeyRing Members. They help each other out and meet up regularly.

A Community Living Volunteer lives in the other home. The volunteer is a person who helps Members out. They help with things like reading bills, forms and letters. The volunteer supports Members to meet up, map their community, explore what’s going on in their neighbourhood and get involved.

If Members need more support, there are paid workers to help them. These workers can help if Members need support that will take more time. Everyone takes Members' ideas seriously and the support they get is carefully planned to help them get where they want to be.

If you like the sound of a KeyRing network, or think that the ideas they support are of interest to you, why not contact us?


Taking the Network into the 21st Century

With the high cost and intense pressure on housing in some areas, we are using support hubs to take the place of the volunteer living in the network. These hubs have proven to be an excellent and cost effective alternative and are popular with our Members. Our 24 hour support line means that Members are never left without help at the end of a phone.