Who We Are

A woman reaching towards the words 'My Life' written on the wall

KeyRing stands for:

  • Rights and Respect
  • Equality and Inclusion
  • Influence and Change

These things aren’t added bonuses; they are fundamental to leading a fulfilled life. With this in mind, KeyRing is serious about those we support getting the best opportunities possible. We believe that being involved in the local community is the best way to do this and that mutual support and volunteering are great vehicles for getting to know people and developing skills and confidence.

Whatever we do, our style of working and emphasis on mutual support, community and volunteering lets our values shine through.

Our staff and volunteers are chosen for their ability and attitude and are carefully trained and managed to make sure we’re giving the best support we can.

In KeyRing, most of our time and energy is spent making sure that our Members – those we support - get a great service from us. We have an active Board which makes sure the governance is taken care of, and a small senior management team which supports our regional teams.

To meet our Board members click here.

To meet our senior management team click here.

To find out more about being a Member, please visit KeyRing and You.