Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)

We start with ‘what’s strong, not what’s wrong’.

Cormac Russell has developed Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) principles.

This approach uses the assets that people in the community bring and its resources as the basis for development.

It says:

  • Everyone has gifts
  • Relationships build a community
  • Citizens at the centre
  • People care
  • Listen to people and ask for their ideas.

This approach is so KeyRing! We start by identifying the skills and talents of the people we support and the resources and capabilities in their local community.

A man using a self-service checkout

We have staff and volunteers who are local and already have networks and connections in the area. We know our area inside out.

We connect people to help build healthy relationships. We provide tools and ongoing guidance to support this.

We listen, we ask, we share. We encourage local leadership.

This contributes to the local economy and use of local facilities. It leads to active involvement and ownership. It gives people a voice.

People who are well connected not only add something to their local community, they gain something from it. Reciprocity!1

Our Members and the work we do helps build stronger, more resilient2 communities and people.


1. Reciprocity

Sorry! Big word, it means sharing for the benefit of everyone.


2. Resilient

Fancy pants word. Means stronger, more flexible and able to bounce back if something goes wrong. Boing!