Healthcare in Prison Easy Read

Easy Read examples relating to Healthcare in Prison


General -

There is a wealth of free Easy Read healthcare information already in use that could easily be used directly in prisons (or slightly adapted where necessary).

Most health Easy Read resources can be found at:

General - Guidance from the Government

Easy read health fact sheets for social care staff are available from Public Health England, as part of their initiative: Improving healthcare access for people with learning disabilities 

Easy read documents include: reasonable adjustments, healthy eyes, teeth and ears, diet and exercise, Mental Capacity Act, Hospital admissions, Dementia, along with several others. 

Health Action Plans 

Health Action Plan template (HMP Hindley)

HMP Winchester and Solent NHS - Health Action Plan template.doc 

The above are local examples of Health Action Plans adapted for use in a prison settings. These are standard use for people with learning disabilities to help with their healthcare.

Here are blank templates for Health Action Plans: Version 1 / Version 2 

Information about flu

Information about flu for prisoners (NHS)

This is a NHS public health leaflet for all prisons.

Healthcare services and good health

Promoting good health and their healthcare services (NHS and HMP Wormwood Scrubs)

This is an example of local best practice. The prison has produced an Easy Read leaflet explaining what services the prison healthcare centre has and also basic public health messages for prisons.

Health Passport

Health Passport (A prisoners health information recorded clearly for them)

Designed by The Clear Communication People and Surrey NHS. This is for all prisons to use. This is a template for prisoners to fill out, detailing all their health and support issues. This means they can show this 'passport' to any staff working with them.

Healthcare for prisoners being released

Healthcare info for prisoners being released 

Designed by The Clear Communication People and Surrey NHS. This is local best practice. It is designed to help prisoners being released from the three prisons in Surrey to ensure they link with all the local health and support services they may need.

Information about Hepatitis A, B, and C

Hepatitis Information for Prisoners

This has been designed by CHANGE and KeyRing Living Support Networks. It is an information booklet about Hepatitis A, B, and C - designed for use in prison healthcare centres. 

The Care Act and what it means

There is now an Easy Read guide for prisoners about the Care Act and what it may mean for them. This was produced by West Sussex County Council, RECOOP and designed by the company Inspired Services. This can be downloaded from here.

General Health Information

Visit  Easy Health website for (general) Easy Read leaflets on a wide range of healthcare issues.

You can download relevant information for your healthcare waiting room and for individual patients'/offenders' needs.