Other Easy Read Examples

Easy Read examples for other Criminal Justice Organisations


The Parole Board

The Parole Board have recently produced two Easy Read documents giving guidance on preparing for a Parole Review and for an Oral Hearing. The guidance was designed by KeyRing Living Support Networks and The Parole Board, using CHANGE image bank and with service user input.

The Parole Board Annual Survey of Offenders. This is an Easy Read version of the Parole Board's Annual Survey (2013), developed with the support of KeyRing Living Support Networks and with service user input.

A guide to help with your Parole Review. Information for prisoners who do not have legal representation. Designed by KeyRing Living Support Networks and The Parole Board, using CHANGE image bank and service user input.

The Criminal Cases Review Commission 

Application form for the CCRC - Criminal Cases Review Committee (CCRC). This was developed by the CCRC using the CHANGE image bank with service user input.

Are you an asylum seeker/refugee or victim of human trafficking? (CCRC). This was developed by the CCRC using CHANGE image bank and with service user input.

CCRC Service Promotion: Leaflet and Poster

Crown Prosecution Service

Information about the Crown Prosecution Service policy for prosecuting cases of disability Hate Crime. Images by Photosymbols. This is a CPS document

The Crown Prosecution Code and Service explained (under development). This is a web-page index which will explain their service (using Easy Read)

Information about the (Scottish) Prosecution and Defence System This is online (web-page text) produced by the Scottish Government (and others) to explain the features of their Criminal Justice System.

UNLOCK (charity) 


The charity 'Unlock' (for people with convictions) worked with KeyRing to develop a leaflet called "When do I need to tell employers about my criminal record? An Easy Read guide on the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.

Noah Fry Research Centre

What happens when people with learning disabilities need advice about the law? This is an Easy Read report of work done by the Noah Fry Research Centre et al (2013).

Department of Health

Staying Positive: The Criminal Justice System and Learning Disabilities (2012) This is a booklet launched to accompany the guide for CJS staff on Learning Disabilities. It tells people with Learning Disabilities about what staff are being told and includes some basic information about the CJS for them also. This accompanying staff guide (by the Department of Health) also includes some information on Easy Read.

Books Beyond Words

You can visit the Books Beyond Words website to view the series of booklets they have produced. These are designed to explain certain topics via pictures only for people with learning disabilities (designed to be used with a person supporting them to understand the pictures). 

For more information or to order a copy you can visit their website at:www.booksbeyondwords.co.uk 

Criminal Justice related titles include: You're under Arrest, You're Going to Court, and You're in Prison

Download their Leaflet on Criminal Justice resources.

Other links 

For information on producing your own Easy Read documents using Criminal Justice images please click here. You will also find information and links to commission a professionally designed Easy Read document, as well as getting service user feedback on documents.

Promoting Good Practice

If you have any examples of documents in Easy Read used in the Criminal Justice System that you would like to share to promote good practice, please send them to Neisha.Betts@KeyRing.org