Police Easy Read Examples


Notice of Rights and Entitlements

The new Rights and Entitlements Easy Read document is available from Herts police force (authorised by the Home Office for use nationally). These are a great resource, but designed for hard copy use only. There is an online version to view at: www.herts.police.uk/pdf/rights-and-entitlements-booklet.pdf

And you can buy them via: www.herts.police.uk/advice/custody.aspx

Rights and Entitlements. How you should be treated if you are taken in by the police.

Easy read document produced by NPIA and the Home Office. Designed to help you to make choices while you are at the police station.

Click here to download document:  Rights and Entitlements 

Your rights. How you should be treated if you are taken in by the police.

Easy Read document produced by Inspired Services. This booklet is about your rights if the police arrest you and take you to the police station. Click here to download: Your Rights  

Independent Police Complaints Commission 

Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) - these were designed by CHANGE with service users input and are specifically for the IPCC service. These include:

About the IPCC
How to make a complaint about the police
I am unhappy with the way my complaint was dealt with. What do I do?

The new easy read appeal forms can be found here. The easy read forms are at the end of each appeal right section where it says: You can also complete a Word easy read or PDF easy read version of this appeal form.

All the Easy Read docs for the IPCC can also be found at: www.ipcc.gov.uk/page/alternative-formats

Having an Appropriate Adult

A guide to having an Appropriate Adult (NAAN)

Designed by the National Appropriate Adult Network and KeyRing Living Support Networks, with 'CHANGE' images and service user input. This leaflet describes the role and the benefits of an Appropriate Adult when under arrest (for use in all police stations).

Going to the Police Station In Gloucestershire

A series of leaflet by Gloucestershire Constabulary. These are based on a similar template and altered to cover local changes in each of the three stations: 
Stroud Station 
Cheltenham Station 
Gloucester Station 

What happens in Policy Custody 

A guide to what happens in police custody (Dorset Police and 'Dorset People First').

This is an example of local best practice, with service user input.

The Scottish Police System

Information about the (Scottish) Police system and resources

This is online (web-index-text). Produced by the Scottish Government (and others) to explain the features of their Criminal Justice System.

The Police Process in Belfast

The Police process in Belfast (Belfast Health and Social Care Trust)

This is a local example of a leaflet explaining the police process 

The Pegasus Scheme in Wales

Help us to help you. Pegasus Scheme. (Welsh Police leaflet).

This is a local example to explain a specific local project in Easy Read.

You're under Arrest (book to buy)

You're under Arrest (Books Beyond Words - fee applies)

Books Beyond Words produces picture only booklets, designed to be read/understood with support of another person. Notes on how to support someone are in the back

Surrey Police Crime Prevention

There are a series of crime prevention leaflets produced by Surrey Police. You can view them via their Easy Read (accessibility) pages at: www.surrey.police.uk/accessibility (see the blue box on the right for a list of fact sheets in Easy Read).