Prison Easy Read Examples

Below are Easy Read examples relating to being in Prison

How to make a complaint 

Information for Prisoners; How to make a complaint (NOMS, PSI 02.2012)

This is a national document for all prisoners. It was designed by CHANGE and developed by NOMS with service user input. It explains how to make a complaint in prison.

A general guide introducing prison life

Prisoners Handbook

Designed by The Clear Communication People and Surrey NHS. This is a general guide for all prisons to use. It is an introduction to prison life.

General leaflet for prisoners with disabilities

Information for prisoners with disabilities (DH and Prison Reform Trust)

This is a general leaflet for prisoners with disabilities. This was developed by the Department of Health and The Prison Reform Trust. There are plans to update this shortly.

Toolkit to support prison and probation staff with their communication 

Prison and Probation communication toolkit: Crossing the Communication Divide (MoJ/NOMS) 

This is a toolkit developed by NOMS in partnership with various experts. It is designed to support prison and probation staff with their communication. The appendices include several template examples of Easy Read (for example, a letter explaining your probation appointment).

Information about the Scottish Prison System

Information about the (Scottish) Prison System

This is online (web-page text). Produced by the Scottish Government (and others) to explain the features of their criminal justice system.

Extra support for prisoners (poster)

Poster promoting help for those struggling to understand prison 

This is an example of local best practice; a poster directing prisoners to where they can get extra support if they are confused.

What's in the Tuck Shop? 

HMP Greenock Canteen Items (HMP Greenock)

This is an example of local best practice; a photo list/menu of  everything in the prison tuck shop.

Support for someone with disabilities

Disability Support Form (HMP Winchester)

This is an example of local best practice; a pro-forma for staff supporting someone with disabilities, including an Easy Read form to record all the prisoners information.

Easy Read documents from HMP Cardiff and HMP Swansea

HMP Cardiff and HMP Swansea have piloted the following Easy Read documents. Please contact for more information:

  • People you can ask for help
  • Reception - First Day in HMP Cardiff/Swansea
  • Important information for prisoners
  • Choose your food

Prisoner Handbook from HMP Hull

HMP Hull has issued an Easy Read document: Prisoners Handbook: Your guide to help during your time in Prison

You're in Prison (book)

You're in Prison (Books Beyond Words - fee applies)

Books Beyond Words produces picture only booklets, designed to be read/understood with support of another person. Notes on how to support someone are in the back.

Information about the facilities and the schedule

HMP Rye Hill Information about the prison facilities and schedule.

This document has been developed by CHANGE working with staff from HMP Rye Hill. It is a best practice example of how to present information about your prison and the day to day activities involved. You may wish to develop a version for your own prison based on this one. Email Neisha Betts ( for the word version, which can be edited to suit the different aspects of your prison.

Help for prisoners to understand the Care Act

The Care Act and You; Information for Prisons over 18.

Designed by Inspired Services. This leaflet is designed to help prisoners understand the Care Act (2014) and what it may mean for them.

Other easy read leaflets for use in prison

The British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) was commissioned by NOMS to produce a set of Easy Read leaflets for use in prison. These are as follows:-

     Leaflet 1   - Arriving and your first days in prison
     Leaflet 2   - All about Apps - the forms you need to fill in
     Leaflet 3   - Visitors
     Leaflet 4   - Phone Calls
     Leaflet 5   - Letters and Emails
     Leaflet 6   - Money
     Leaflet 7   - Food
     Leaflet 8   - Good and Bad Behaviour
     Leaflet 9   - Keeping Well
     Leaflet 10 - Who can help?

Information book for prisoners with a disability

This booklet was produced several years ago by the Department of Health and the Prison Reform Trust.

Guides to help prisoners with parole reviews and hearings

The Parole Board has created two documents explaining the Parole Review and Oral Hearing processes in an easy to understand. Click here to see them.