Other CJS work

KeyRing has also helped related projects that are working on behalf of offenders with learning disabilities.

KeyRing is a member of the National Learning Disabled Offender Steering Group, currently hosted and Chaired by NHS England, Health and Justice department. This is made up of health and criminal justice policy leads, operational staff and also academics that all have an interest or expertise in this area. This group has been running since 2004 as a reference group for work concerning offenders with learning disabilities.

For more information on this group please contact the manager Neisha Betts (Neisha.Betts@Keyring.org)

KeyRing has supported members of the Working for Justice group to get involved in other pieces of work, such as the No One Knows project and the Care not Custody project, both created by the Prison Reform Trust

KeyRing met with Jeremy Wright, previously the Minister for Prisons and Rehabilitation, to help inform discussions on the issues faced by offenders with disabilities and learning disabilities. We gave lots of suggestions for how things could be improved for this group. The Minister liked the idea of more Easy Read across the Criminal Justice System and the Ministry of Justice and Equality Team are now developing more materials using all the resources and information that KeyRing sent them.

Please visit our Training page and Easy Read pages to discover all the work we have been involved in for these areas. The pages have several free resources you may find helpful.

You may also want to find out more about our service user reference group, the Working for Justice group, who work to help criminal justice organisations make changes to ensure suspects, defendants and offenders with learning disabilities are treated fairly and equally.