Producing Easy Read


Accessing and using the free Easy Read images

Over 600 images have been purchased from the designers CHANGE for the Criminal Justice System to use for free. 


The various sectors of the Criminal Justice System have decided to control and promote the use of these images in different ways for the time-being. Please look up the relevant information for your area of the system. If you do not work in the Criminal Justice System but would like to use the images these can be purchased from CHANGE


The Police Service The Policing Strategic Communication Team has the disk of images and should be able to facilitate each of the 42 regional communications leads in accessing, using and promoting the Easy Read images and materials to create new documents, etc. The contact for this is:


HM Courts & Tribunals Service: If someone would like a leaflet in an alternative format they can contact their Hearing Centre with the request and it will be taken from there. Staff in courts and tribunals will also be able to contact the Communications and Customer Service team direct for any further guidance they may need.

The Crown Prosecution Service: HMCPS has access to the CJS images disc. For those wanting to use the images, the contact for this is via:

The Prison Service: All the CJS images are hosted on the prison intranet (on the NOMS 'Women and Equalities Group' site, under 'Resources' > 'Working with Disabilities' and 'Easy Read Guides for Prisoners'). This comes with guidance on producing and using Easy Read (written by the Women and Equalities Group) plus the guidance by the designers (CHANGE).

The Probation Service
All images should be hosted on the probation intranet (on the EPIC site, via the 'Support Services/ Equalities' section). If you are able to access the NOMS 'Women and Equalities Group' site (see The Prison Service above) they are also located there.

The Youth Justice Board UPDATE
The YJB have access to the CJS image disc. If you would like to use them and you work in the CJS, the contact is:

Ministry of Justice Translations Team
You can also contact MoJ translations team if you would like to commission a document rather than producing it yourself and they will arrange this for you with specialist designers. The contact is


Service User input and feedback on Easy Read documents

If you would like service user feedback concerning how accessible your existing documents are or on your draft versions of Easy Read this can be arranged via the Working for Justice group who have been feeding back on  Criminal Justice policy and documents for several years. 

Members of this group have learning disabilities and have all been in the criminal justice system as suspects, defendants and offenders.  Please contact for details.


Other easy read images

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

You can access a bank of free Easy Read images by registering at the following address: easy on the i (Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust)

Autism Hampshire and Hampshire Police Constabulary

Autism Hampshire and Hampshire Police Constabulary have developed a series of Easy Read Widgit symbol sheets specifically for use in custody. If you are interested in purchasing these sheets for your constabulary, please see this link: East Read Widgit symbols


Guides on how to do Easy Read

You can also download a free user-friendly guide to developing your own Easy Read documents from CHANGE: How to Make Information Accessible. CHANGE also have other resources; see this page for other free resources you can download.

The Dept of Work and Pensions (which includes The Office of Disabilities) has produced the following guide on commissioning and developing Easy Read: Easy Read and Makaton

Mencap have an Easy Read guide called Am I making myself clear? which you can download from here.

NHS England have now produced Easy Read standards for Health and Social Care organisations producing information for the public. More information can be found at: Accessible Information Standard.


Commissioning a professional Easy Read document

If you would rather commission Easy Read versions of documents, forms, signs, etc than design your own, you may want to contact one of the expert organisations in this field.

These organisations include organisations such as CHANGE, Photo-symbols, Inspired Services, and The Clear Communication People among others.

Some of these organisations also provide training days on how to produce your own documents. You can also buy 'bundles' of images for various topics, one-off images or even their whole catalogue depending on your requirements.   

REMEMBER: Easy Read information has been shown to benefit many groups of people who struggle with language. It is not only for people with Learning Disabilities and should therefore be promoted and offered simply as the easier-to-read version for anyone who may benefit.  


For more information on any of the Criminal Justice work mentioned in these pages please email