Building independence

Building independence

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Building independence

KeyRing support pushes people to try things for themselves, to build their own independence and to connect with others so that they can share their skills.

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We don’t do things for people; we support them to do it themselves. This can be anything from visiting the local supermarket to bidding on a property and arranging a move.

People come to KeyRing from many different types of support as KeyRing offer a step towards independence in the local community.

Through our community connections, people become active citizens who contribute to and are valued by their local community.

This asset-based community development approach means that local community assets (people, resources etc) and individuals' strengths unlock sustainable community development and ensure that people live the life they choose.

KeyRing support unblocks the social care system. Our work helps people to move on from higher support services, reduces support packages, and challenges people to overcome barriers and take steps they never thought possible. We are also happy to work with other providers to achieve this.

Read more about our move on support packages.

Our leadership team would love to chat with you about how we can work in your area. Call Claire on 07813 988 564 or email

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Steve had never done his own shopping.

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Steve’s support provider did his shopping for him, before that his mum had always taken care of it. They bought the same things every week.

When Steve joined KeyRing he spoke about wanting to try new things. He wrote a shopping list for himself. Steve didn’t want to do his own shopping. He said that he couldn’t do it.

We explored the barriers that Steve was facing. His key barrier was a lack of belief in himself. We arranged to meet Steve for a coffee in the supermarket.

From there we picked up a few bits in the store with Steve.

The next time we met, Steve came with a shopping list and actually enjoyed picking things out. After that he didn’t want us to come shopping with him anymore.

He still has support with meal planning and budgeting for his weekly shop. During the lockdown Steve has even picked up some essentials for other people receiving KeyRing support.

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