Health benefits

Health benefits

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KeyRing support is designed so that people take control of their own health and wellbeing.

We give people the tools and information they need to live healthy lifestyles.

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Support from KeyRing reduces public health inequalities in communities by improving people's financial stability and focussing on their aspirations around housing, education, employment and social opportunities.

We reduce mental health issues, increase lifespan and improve physical health by encouraging people to support each other and become peer mentors.

People are also connected with their wider community. We value the importance of informal social networks.

If an individual requires CQC registered services like personal care, we work with local providers to deliver this.

1 Campaign to End Loneliness

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Ben had frequent seizures and asthma attacks.

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He often went to his local accident and emergency department.

KeyRing supported Ben to find a new GP that he liked and trusted. KeyRing supported him to understand his medication and to attend his appointments. Ben now has a good relationship with his doctor and attends regular planned appointments. He takes his medication and no longer needs to attend A&E.

Ben was also supported with his mental health. He had previously isolated himself when he felt depressed. He was referred for counselling and supported to increase his social circle. He has since started volunteering for a local charity.

Move on - Ben does not receive a funded place within the KeyRing Network now but does come along to our weekly hub where he can discuss any issues.

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