A message
from Karyn,
our Chief Executive.

Throughout the pandemic I have been proud of the resilience and determination not only of our staff and volunteers, who have been amazing, but also of the people we support.


We are keen to remind people that the virus is still out there so we must continue the work that we have been doing to keep everyone safe. We must also consider local restrictions and the needs of the individuals that we support.

To help with the move back to face to face support we will:

  • Continue to follow social distancing guidelines
  • Hold as much of our support as possible outdoors
  • Follow local restrictions

Where we are supporting people in their homes we will:

  • Regularly wash or sanitise our hands and encourage others to do the same
  • Wear face coverings when we need to be close to other people
  • Remind people to clean areas we have touched after our visit

It is great to see how adaptive the teams have been already. There have been outdoor community hubs and support sessions in people’s gardens. As other venues are opening we are thinking about how we can use them in a safe way. We are even looking at ways of restarting our indoor community hubs. In the meantime, we keep our fingers crossed for good weather and have an umbrella on hand just in case.

Your local support will keep you up to date with changes to hubs.

We will also continue to make use of the connections that we have made with community organisations both during this time and previously. People have told us that they find the online activities and groups helpful so they will continue. Where our teams have an office base, we are taking all reasonable steps to reduce risk. You can see our Covid Secure certificate here.

Members and their families/friends can speak with the local team during office hours (Mon to Fri 9-5.30pm). Local contact details are in the where we work section of the website. Our helpline is open 24 hours a day if you need support that cannot wait until office hours: 0333 000 0321.

The latest updates can be found on the Gov.uk website here:

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