Coronavirus Statement

We are proud of the support that our teams are offering KeyRing Members. We are also thrilled to see that Members are finding ways to continue supporting each other using social media and telephone calls.

Please see below for some FAQs about how we are continuing to support people.

We are regularly reviewing Government advice. All of our teams and volunteers will be practicing social distancing and are taking extra measures to protect themselves and the people they support.

Some people we support (Members) will still need face-to-face visits. So that we can do this as safely as possible, for now, we will be giving other Members individual support by telephone.

We will also help them link with any appropriate arrangements that have been set up where they live to assist people during this unusual period.

The safety and wellbeing of our Members, staff and volunteers is our main concern and we are thankful to them and their family and friends for their support and understanding.

Members and their families/friends can speak with the local team during office hours (Mon to Fri 9- 5.30pm). Local contact details are in the where we work section of the website. 

Our helpline is open 24 hours a day if you need support that cannot wait until office hours: 0333 000 0321.

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FAQs for Parents, Carers and Family Members

1. How are we keeping the people we support safe?

We want to reassure you that we are doing all we can to reduce the risk to everyone we support and our staff/volunteers. Our first priority is prevention. For this reason we are restricting face to face interactions as much as we can. All of our teams are following social distancing and are working from home if they are displaying any symptoms of Covid 19. We have assessed the needs of each individual and will continue to do so throughout this challenging period so that the actions we take are tailored to that person's needs.

2. How are KeyRing continuing to provide support?

KeyRing are providing everything we can whilst following government guidelines on social distancing and essential contact. We are ensuring Members are all getting regular telephone support and have contingencies in place to make sure that this will continue even where staff are not at work.

3. What will happen if there is an emergency?

We have an out of hours service available for emergency contact when staff are not available. The number is 0333 000 321 or if you prefer to text it is 07506 628 693. Please do call this number with any concerns you have that would count as an emergency. During working hours the local KeyRing manager should be able to help but if you cannot contact them then please call the number above.

4. I am concerned that people have no food or medication

Where Members are not able to leave their home as they need to self-isolate we will make sure they have food and the medication they require. We do ask that where possible family members and carers also support with this, to ensure all Members have enough support. We have put things in place to allow us to purchase items on a Member's behalf.

5. I am concerned that KeyRing Members might not have utilities like gas and electricity

KeyRing have been looking at how best to support Members by ensuring they are on the Utilities Priority Scheme. If a Member is without utilities we will support them where possible to get this topped up.

6. What will happen if a KeyRing Member contracts Coronavirus?

We will support them to self-isolate, following the government's guidelines. We will keep a close check on their welfare via telephone and support them to seek medical help if their health should deteriorate. As above if an emergency occurs we have an out of hours service and all Members do have the number to call should they need to.

7. Where do I get the latest information?

This is a rapidly evolving situation and latest updates can be found on the website here:
• For the public
• For professionals