Frequently Asked Questions

Hands holding a jam jar with a label on it that says 'Helpful'

Who is KeyRing for?

We think that labels belong on jars, so KeyRing is for anyone who wants to be stronger and more connected.  We work with many professionals who help people find us, such as the Learning Disability Teams, Mental Health Teams, Transitions Teams, Older People Teams, Autism Specialists, Drug and Alcohol Services, Police, GPs, other charities, community and voluntary organisations, families and friends. 


What makes KeyRing so different?

We honestly can’t believe that we are still so different. We believe that communities and informal support are very important. We work hard to encourage people to be good neighbours to each other and to share their skills. By putting people’s abilities and ambitions at the forefront of our service delivery they can achieve so much.

Here's our theory


Do you just do networks?

Everything we do is about connecting people to others, so, in one way, we’re all about networks and networking.  How that works in practice grows to suit each area’s needs and what people want.  We have hubs, advocacy, one to one support and more. Have a look at the Our Support section to find out more about what we do.


What is a KeyRing Hub?

A Hub is a local space where people can drop in to meet with a support worker/volunteer or meet up with other Members. Many of our hubs are open to anyone in the community. This means that we have greater skill sharing opportunities. Check out the where we work section to see if there is a hub in your area.


How do I make a referral or apply to join KeyRing?

Have a look at the Where We Work section to see if there is anything in your area. Don’t worry if there isn’t you can contact the area manager and let them know that you are interested anyway.

If there is something in your local area then the contact details for the manager will be on the page. Just give them a call or drop them an email and they can chat through the process with you.


I would need more support than KeyRing offers - can I still get support from you?

Yes! Lots of our Members have additional support packages and these work alongside KeyRing very well.


I have children - can I join KeyRing?

Yes! KeyRing has lots of Members who are parents.


I live with a partner - can I join KeyRing?

Yes! KeyRing supports lots of couples and people who live with a partner.


Do Members have a say about how KeyRing is run?

KeyRing wants Members to have a powerful voice at all levels of the organisation. We are determined that Member Involvement will not be tokenistic and we have a wide range of ways for Members to be involved.


How do I arrange for someone to give a presentation about KeyRing?

Find the area in which you live through our Where We Work page. You will then find the details for the Regional Manager, drop them a line. Or you can email us directly at


How much does KeyRing cost?

This depends on where you are and what kind of support you are looking for. Contact your nearest Regional Manager for more information. You can find their details under Where We Work.