Volunteer for Us

Below you can read what some of our volunteers have to say.

Anthony Fletcher

Volunteer and CLV, Walsall

A photo of Anthony Fletcher

How long have you been with KeyRing?

I was a KeyRing Member from 2003-2009. When my network closed I became a volunteer, and then a Community Living Volunteer. 

This involved taking people out in the community, supporting them with their daily activities and running the hub every Friday. I did some shadowing before taking on the role.

Has your role changed over time?

I stopped being a CLV when I got a job – I am now working as a Healthcare Assistant and support worker but I still do some volunteering with KeyRing when I’m needed. I am planning to apply for a support worker role with KeyRing in Sandwell.

What do you like about volunteering for KeyRing?

KeyRing gave me support when I needed it. I like seeing people succeed and achieve their goals.



Clare Robinson
Community Living Volunteer, Chadderton

A photo of Claire Robinson

How long have you been with KeyRing?

I started my role as a CLV in November 2006 and I have to say there is a lot more to it than I originally thought but I still really enjoy my role in KeyRing almost ten years later.

What does your role involve?

I feel the CLV role is an important one as we not only spend time building up our relationships with Members which enables us to support them more effectively and recognise when things may not be going well but we also build up our skills and experience which enables us to know what to do in situations and how best to support Members with issues they face.

Although as CLVs we are not 'on call' I feel the flexibility of our role works well in that we don't only offer support Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm or for an hour on the same day each week.

Being a CLV is certainly a learning curve and no two days are the same! We work as a team and have backup not only from the support workers who manage us but also from the experience of other CLVs. Someone is always on the end of a phone if we need help or advice.

What do you like about volunteering for KeyRing?

I still enjoy supporting Members and helping them deal with everything life throws at you!