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Below you can read what some of our staff have to say.


Richard O’Malley
Support Manager, London

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How long have you been with KeyRing?

Next year will be my 22nd at KeyRing – I am their longest serving employee! In that time I have held various management roles meaning I have probably supported more than a hundred people to move, some several times. It has been a privilege to know Members so well and be at their side through good times and bad.

What do you like about working for KeyRing?

It is made up of people it is a pleasure to work with. People who work with, for and on behalf of vulnerable adults. Really helpful people who I respect for who they are and what they do.


Kath Heat
Team Manager, North East

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How long have you been with KeyRing?

I have worked for KeyRing for 13 years.

What is your role and what does it involve?

I am a full time team manager for the NE team. This involves leading and managing a team of support managers who in turn support their teams to deliver quality services to vulnerable people living in their communities. I am very fortunate to have such an excellent, committed team to manage and am inspired by the outcomes that I have witnessed KeyRing Members achieve over the years.

Has your role changed over time?

When I started with KeyRing I had left a job that I was unhappy in and no longer inspired me. I started as a support manager in Lincolnshire supporting networks of members in Lincoln and Gainsborough. A number of years later my then team manager went on maternity leave and encouraged and supported me to apply for the team manager role in her absence and I was successful. When she returned she only wished to work part time and I was able to retain my team manager role on a part time basis, which then developed into a full time role as services grew across the region.

What do you like about working for KeyRing?

When I left my last job I took a salary cut to work for KeyRing, because I strongly believed in the ethos and mission that KeyRing represented. I was not disappointed and 13 years on I am still motivated, inspired and committed to an organisation that does what it says on the tin! It has always been amazing to see the changes develop in people’s lives and know you have been a part of it. Members never cease to amaze me and as we grow and develop new ways of working, I hope we can continue to support more people in more areas


Jade Bambrough
Chain Reaction Pioneer

What is your role and what does it involve?

Our role is a new way of working with people living in the community to prevent social isolation. Social isolation and loneliness are a real risk people face as they grow older, perhaps as a result of retiring, experiencing bereavement, or family moving away - but this shouldn’t be considered as a natural or inevitable consequence of ageing. Chain Reaction Pioneers actively work to seek, create and promote opportunities in the community in order to prevent people from feeling socially isolated.

For one person, it may be that their social network has reduced as they have aged, or that they’ve moved to a new home in a new area and their sole need is general information and signposting to what is happening in their area. Others may have more complex situations and potential challenges to overcome. We work with people with a range of needs including both physical and mental ill health, and have worked with over 100 people so far in the East End of Newcastle.

We work in the local community too, whether that’s through working with local churches or community centres to create groups that work and meet the needs of older people in the community, or creating events and other opportunities to bring older people together to share skills, experiences and to foster new friendships.

It’s not all about what we do and create; we also work with and support existing community groups to help them to develop and grow, e.g., supporting groups to access funding for the purchase of equipment or resources to further their impact, or even finding other streams such as volunteers or trainers/group facilitators to further develop sessions.

What do you like about working for KeyRing?

Our role is extremely varied, and I think that’s what makes it so exciting and rewarding (as corny as that last bit seems!)


Lucy Haddon

Support Manager

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What is your role and what does it involve?

Within my role I manage the Sandwell service; this includes Community Enablers, Community Living Volunteers and Community Connections Volunteers. It also involves taking referrals, assessing and allocating workers to Members, then giving ongoing support to the staff team to help them support Members to achieve their goals and ambitions.   

What do you like about working for KeyRing?

I am a people person, I enjoy working with a wide range of people with different needs and supporting them to develop their skills and confidence, in order to achieve their personal goals and move on from KeyRing.