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We are always looking for enthusiastic people who share our values. That’s more important than particular qualifications or career history.

Our values:

Rights and Respect
Inclusion and Influence

We provide full training for all of our roles, so if you see one that you think is right for you please do apply. We are interested in everything you have to offer, whether that’s experience from paid work, volunteering or in your personal life.

You can always chat any of our roles through with us. You will find our contact details in the role description.

All of our volunteer and staff opportunities can be found here.


Working for KeyRing

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Many of our staff have worked for KeyRing for a long time. They are pretty enthusiastic about the work they do and were happy to tell us about what they love about their roles.

“KeyRing is made up of people it is a pleasure to work with. People who work with, for and on behalf of vulnerable adults. Really helpful people who I respect for who they are and what they do.”

Richard O’Malley, Support Manager, London

“When I left my last job I took a salary cut to work for KeyRing, because I strongly believed in the ethos and mission that KeyRing represented. I was not disappointed and 13 years on I am still motivated, inspired and committed to an organisation that does what it says on the tin! It has always been amazing to see the changes develop in people’s lives and know you have been a part of it. Members never cease to amaze me.”

Kath Heat, North East Regional Manager

“I am a people person, I enjoy working with a wide range of people with different needs and supporting them to develop their skills and confidence, in order to achieve their personal goals and move on from KeyRing.”

Lucy Haddon, Support Manager, Sandwell

Group sitting round a restaurant table

Three people smiling at camera

“I have loved my time with KeyRing so far and being part of such a supportive team that does such amazing things in the community. Looking forward to seeing what the new year brings!”

Hannah, London

“I have really found KeyRing a great place to work, in large part because I always felt very supported. Opportunities like the trainings I was able to attend, the 'day in the life' session, and sitting in on board meetings really allowed me to develop and learn in exactly the way I was looking to during this year! Equally, the way in which staff from all parts of the organisation were always more than willing to chat to me and answer questions says a lot about KeyRing's really positive culture.

I'm grateful to have been able to start my career here and will be taking a lot with me.”

Elise, Charityworks Trainee

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