Grimsby Networks

Grimsby, also Great Grimsby, is a large coastal English seaport in North East Lincolnshire. It ran the largest fishing fleet in the world by the mid-20th century, but fishing declined dramatically after the Cod Wars denied UK access to Icelandic fishing grounds.

Grimsby is the main cultural, shopping and industrial centre for much of northern and eastern Lincolnshire.

Grimsby people are called Grimbarians; the term codhead is also used jokingly, often for Grimsby football supporters. 

Great Grimsby Day is 22 January.

KeyRing have been supporting Grimbarians since 2011. We offer support in many areas including the Willows, Nunsthorpe, Cleethorpes and East & West Marsh. We support people with many different needs who want to live independently. Our Community Enablers can help you with managing your money, looking after your home and helping you to get involved in your community, as well as linking you up with other people in the area.

We have a variety of monthly activities that you can get involved with if you want to. These are all included in our monthly newsletter.

A woman looking at the cameraKeyRing think it is important for you be to be as independent as possible. We can support you in the way that you want.

Our hourly rate is £13.50, and we will consider referrals from anyone.

For more information contact or on 07717 8944 76.