Croydon Service

KeyRing has supported Croydon residents for almost 25 years.

Our Support 

We support people with physical and learning disabilities throughout Croydon. They build on their strengths, work through any issues and connect with their local community. Support may be one to one or through the hubs or a combination. The key thing is that the support is flexible to the needs of the Member. 


If you need more help, we can see you more often. As you gain more skills and connections, you won’t need to see us as much.



We provide group support and community connections opportunities in our Hubs.

Anyone is welcome to come along to our hubs. We have hub meetings on Fridays 2pm to 4pm at Croydon Central Library. They are a space run by our Members, where people can come together to discuss local issues and plan social activities. Sometimes guest speakers are invited to give some useful information or talk about interesting topics. Members often go on to the library café after the session to chat and catch up with each another.

Feel free to come along!

Our Community Enablers, staff team, are on hand at the hub to help if needed, and can offer some one to one support after the session. 

We will be working with Members to start up more hubs around Croydon over the coming year in other parts of the borough and focusing on different things.



Please speak with your social worker in the first instance.


A man making a cup of tea and smiling at the cameraIf you need any more information or to discuss whether KeyRing might be the right choice for someone you know then please do call me.

James Chester

07824 590 469