Islington Networks

KeyRing currently supports 19 Members across the Borough of Islington where we offer three tier membership to reflect the different levels of support that someone might need.

There is an opportunity for Members and newcomers to purchase additional hours of direct 1-1 support using Islington’s dynamic purchasing system.


Three Tier Membership details:

Full Membership: Full Members get direct support visits on a one to one basis every week.

For full-time Members this is a great opportunity to work towards their independence - some of them look forward to having someone visit them at home regularly, however a slow transition to associate membership with the back-up of the hub will eventually ease them in.

Associate Membership: Associate Members get direct support visits on a one to one basis every 2-4 weeks. Floating away from regular support is more applicable to Associate Members with the back-up of the hub. 

Linked In Membership: Linked In Members can phone our local Community Enabler and request one to one direct support in times of need.


In addition, all Members have an access to our community hub twice a week which is taking place every Tuesday and Thursday at the local accessible venues.

The hub provides a stable ‘go to’ in times of need but also serves as a social gathering which Members have grown accustomed to.

Introducing the drop-in sessions in forms of hubs has given us a great opportunity to be more accessible which consequently allows our Members to take more control of their daily tasks and activities, unlocks their potential and therefore allows them to be more spontaneous and independent.

We hold regular monthly network meetings which are a great way for our Members to give feedback and share ideas about what types of activities they would like to engage in (board games, drama activities, arts and crafts, knitting and cross stitching, group trips) and any issues they feel need addressing.

Our flexible approach and the tiered support system allow us to give additional hours to those who need it the most (support to hospital appointments, benefit assessments, Jobcentre appointments, etc.) However at the same time it also supports the slow transition to Associate and Linked In membership by progressing to more independence while being connected to the local community throughout the whole process.

For information about our services in Islington contact Lucia on 07852 868 077 or at