Lambeth Services

Lambeth is a diverse and lively borough of London. It is home to one of the most iconic landmarks in London, the London Eye. It is also home to over 50 KeyRing Members.


A photo of the London Eye

Who do we work with? 

Like the borough our KeyRing Members are lively and diverse. We work with a range of people who have learning difficulties and need support to build their independence. Some of the people we work with also have physical disabilities, mental health issues or a history with the Criminal Justice System. 

A partnership approach 

KeyRing services in Lambeth are a partnership with the Integrated Disabilities Team at Lambeth council. 

We access housing through local Registered Social Landlords and Lambeth Housing. 

How do we support people? 

The support is flexible and is dependent on ongoing assessments and support planning of our service users. We work towards moving people away from paid support to self-help. 

We have a tiered Membership level which reflects the needs of the people we support. This ranges from support that is more intensive to ‘Linked In’ Membership for those who just need a drop in service. 

KeyRing focuses on the assets of the people we support and other people in the communities in which they live. We work together to find ways to activate those resources, capabilities and social capital to improve outcomes and wellbeing of our Members. 

Each Member has their own named support worker. 

Our focus is on the outcomes that Members want to achieve in their lives. The fundamental need is for a place where you are safe, in your own home and have an income to support yourself. This is our starting place and from here we work with our Members on their personal journeys.  

We use the Outcomes Star tool because service users are in control of setting their outcomes and can easily see the journey they are on. 

Community Support 

It is important that people build their independence in the community. To help this, we have set up some hubs in the community.  One is hosted alongside Clapham Library who provide us with a free meeting room. Another is held as a coffee morning at a local supermarket. 

These hubs have helped to create a sense of belonging amongst Members. They can get some support at the hubs if they need it, in addition to their usual support time, but the main aim is to enable people to get involved in activities within their local community. They share ideas and upcoming events and socials. We have also welcomed several guest speakers including members of the council's cabinet, Learning Disability England and a recent delegation from South Korea. 

Newburn Street 

Newburn Street is a collaborative housing and support service between KeyRing and Metropolitan Housing Trust and the London Borough of Lambeth. 

The service provides one-bedroom accommodation supported housing for adults with a learning disability who are looking to live more independently. Support focuses on equipping Members with the skills to live an independent life in a flat of their own. Newburn Street can be an ideal option for those wishing to move away from more intensive supported living options. Each Member at Newburn Street has an allocated key worker and support is flexible and based on the individual needs of Members. 


How to refer 

You can contact the Integrated Disabilities Service or you can speak with Richard to find out more information. 


07958 482 962