Lewisham Networks

Our KeyRing Support Networks are based in New Cross Gate and Sydenham. There are nine Members in each network. 

Support is provided by support teams, through group support, support from volunteers, other Members and the community. We have 24/7 helplines in case there are any problems. 

A KeyRing Living Support Network helps people develop their independent living skills. 

In Lewisham we have two networks which are each supported by a volunteer who lives in the area and knows the area well. These people are called Community Living Volunteers. We also have Community Connections Volunteers who can further support people to connect with their community. 

We enable each Member to recognise their skills and explore what they want to achieve. Our focus is on helping them to become stronger and more connected. 

We connect people with other Members of the network and encourage them to share their skills.  This is called mutual support. 

Our team of Community Enablers provide Housing Related Support. They are trained to start with what people can do and how they can increase independence. Support planning tools help our Members think about things they can do to improve their lives. 

There are regular social events and a weekly coffee morning at Sainsbury’s, New Cross Gate. 
A real sense of community and friendship underpins these services.  


How to refer 

You can speak with Richard to find out more information about our support in Lewisham. 


07958 482 962