Darlington Networks

KeyRing in Darlington started supporting people in 2001. Often named by locals as ‘Darlo’, it is home to a not particularly successful football club, but perhaps more famously as home to the first steam locomotion train to transport passengers and coal. ‘Stephenson’s locomotion’ is displayed at the head of the steam museum, in Darlington. We also have the oldest railway bridge which is in continuous use.

KeyRing in Darlington has evolved into a multi layered support service over recent years, and has the addition of a community hub which is held every week at St Columbas Church, Clifton Road, 11-2pm. We work in partnership with JJ’s, a local voluntary organisation to provide somewhere people can go and have something to eat. One of our members is a trained chef and cooks a 2 course meal each week, on a budget! We have a resident artist who has supported Members to find their inner van Gogh and produce some fantastic pieces of artwork. We also do lots of other activities at the hub as agreed by the Members and to meet the needs of the group.

A banner with different sections with slogans like 'Diversity & Equality', 'Disability is not a negative word', 'Don't label me' 'I am equal' and 'Not all disabilities are visible'.

In Darlington, we offer a 3 tier model which allows for flexibility in the amount of support you may require to meet your needs. This has the option for people to have Full, Associate and Linked In memberships. We are flexible and will work with you to achieve your goals. Whether that be to sort your finances out or to get out and about and connected in your local community, we can help!

We have limited spaces within the funded membership places but also welcome new Members whose funding may come through direct payments, ISF’s or self-funding. 

Kenneth Longstaff is part of the KeyRing Darlington group. He was recently interviewed on BBC Radio Tees about his artwork which is currently being shown in an exhibition in Darlington Market. You can listen to the interview and see some of his work below.


If you would like to find out more about us in Darlington then please initially call Kath Heat the Regional Manager who will help you or direct you to the correct person to talk to: 

Kath Heat - 07976 316 224