Gateshead Networks

Our network in Gateshead began way back in 2005 and has been going strong ever since!

The network is based in the Leam Lane area and is a traditional network offering support to vulnerable people to be part of their community and make connections with other KeyRing Members. Our Community Living Volunteer who supports the network has been with us for 12 years which goes to show that it's not just our Members who enjoy being part of KeyRing!

We have a room in a community building in the middle of Newcastle and each week we hold two drop-in sessions for everyone across all of our networks to access. This has been a really positive way of bringing people together and has given people the opportunity to share ideas, learn new things and build friendships. Members do lots of social things together and have stronger relationships since we started the drop-in sessions.

A group of people looking happy on a walk in the countryside

Some of our Members set up a group called Tyneside Active Members Organisation a few years ago. This group is member led and is about finding opportunities to learn new things and have new experiences. Since starting the group people have been on holiday together twice and work together to plan local trips to places of interest around the North East.

The network is funded by the local authority of Gateshead. We can also work with people via their personal budget.

For more information or to refer to us, please contact Catriona Hackney on 07917 686658 or email