Oldham Networks

KeyRing provide flexible support for people with a variety of support needs in the local community. Our traditional network model comprises of a Community Living Volunteer living in the local community with up to 10 KeyRing Members living within close proximity. The role of the volunteer is to provide the day to day tenancy and responsive support within the network and connect Members to their local community. Members benefit from sharing the same Housing Officers, PCSOs and local links as their volunteer.  


Current Networks in Oldham:

  • Littlemoor 
  • Holts 
  • Barker Street Estate 
  • Shaw 
  • Royton 
  • Fitton Hill 
  • Hollins 
  • Failsworth 
  • Chadderton South 
  • Chadderton Central 
  • Chadderton 3 (Crossley Estate) 
  • Oldham Central 



Must require support with securing, managing and maintaining a tenancy, live or want to live in a network area, and need support with social isolation and inclusion in the community. 



Self-referrals can be made directly to KeyRing. All other referrals can be made through CAP@oldham.gov.uk contact: 0161 770 3000.

Please contact the North West Office on 0161 628 4133 for a referral form or to discuss a referral. 

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Flexible support includes: 

  • Benefit support; completion of forms, appeals, face to face assessments.
  • Reading and understanding mail.
  • Budgeting and financial support.
  • Reporting repairs and reporting anti-social behaviour.
  • Housing applications, moving house and maintaining a tenancy. 
  • Support to make referrals to other specialist services i.e. mental health services, Adult Social Care, Childrens Services, Learning Disability Team, Drug & Alcohol Services, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language services.
  • Support to medical appointments and improve physical health.
  • Finding employment, education and volunteering opportunities.
  • Mutual support from other Members, sharing skills and knowledge, social inclusion and being an active Member of the local community.
  • Out of Hours response service which support Members with advice and guidance 24 hours a day.  Members can receive medication prompts and welfare calls where appropriate. 
  • Support to develop your independence/ life skills



Come along to our local Hubs for a warm welcome a brew and a chat.  Each Hub offers a variety of activities. 

Monday 3 – 5 at the Barker Street Community Centre, Oldham. 

Wednesday 11 – 2 at the Nelson Way Community Centre, Chadderton. 

Friday 11 – 2 at The Community Shop, Fitton Hill. 

If you would like to be part of KeyRing, you are more than welcome to attend our community hub sessions. Any member of the community is welcome to attend these sessions. 

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What makes us different? 

KeyRing in Oldham is unique to other services, alongside the more traditional support services we offer community support. Community support includes our community hub session and building networks of connection across the Oldham area. 

We believe that every person has their own set of skills and by sharing these skills and natural Network of mutual support is formed.  

Contact details: Jane Dodgson and Donna Calverley at jane.dodgson@keyring.orgdonna.calverley@keyring.org or on 0161 628 4133.