Oldham Services

Support for independence and connection

We support almost 200 people here. Our services are for 'vulnerable' adults. What this really means is that we can work with anyone who needs a helping hand.

We do have a few different options depending on how much support you need and where you live in Oldham.

We asked our Diane to tell us about them:

Don't worry if you are still a little confused. It's our job to find the right support for you, so you can leave it with us.

Please note that due to Covid-19 KeyRing groups and hubs are not currently meeting in person. See our Coronavirus statement for more information.

We're all ears

We ask the right questions and really listen to the responses. We support people in a way that works for them.  We do this by tuning in to, not just what people say, but what they mean.

Call us: 0161 628 4133 


We push people 

We don't think that people's lives should revolve around KeyRing. We want people to become more independent. Less reliant on services. More engaged with the community. People should have friends. They should have a life that is based around their skills. One that explores what they can do.

Two women looking happy

We give people the confidence to push themselves and celebrate with them when they achieve.

Read Paula's story.

See an example of a Member's journey through the KeyRing Health Pathway.



We work with Oldham Social Workers, GP surgeries and a range of other teams including housing and homelessness. We know that there are just not enough hours in the day so we take the load off. 

People can refer themselves to our service.

KeyRing “has gone over and above expectations with A in order to ensure her safety and wellbeing. Without (them)... A would experience significant harm from others.”

- Kim M - Social Worker in Oldham 

 Call us: 0161 628 4133 


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