25 June 2018

At the Inclusion International World Congress

Last month Christopher and Karen from the North Yorkshire Self Advocacy group went to the Learning Disability World Congress event in Birmingham. Christopher has written a report on what he got up to while he was there.


"I was invited to the Inclusion International World Congress in Birmingham. The Congress was held at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham over three days. There were one thousand people at the congress from around the world.

We went to a workshop called Experience in Building Self Advocacy and people from around the world talked about how they had to fight to get their voices heard. We went to a workshop about Justice Denied and Failures in the Justice system. We heard from the Prison Reform Trust. Darron talked about being arrested and when the case went to court, he did not understand what was going on at first. Later, he got the information in accessible format and he was allowed regular breaks during his court case.

We heard from Jodie Williams and Gavin Barr, from Sunderland People First. They talked about the work they have been doing, and how they got involved in self-advocacy work. Billy Richardson and Suzie Fothergill from Skills for People talked about their work Quality Checking in hospitals. We also heard that NHS England are looking at how self-advocacy groups can get involved in quality checking and how this can be a way of funding groups.

I had an exciting three days but was very tired!"