18 December 2019

BLOG: Safe Places with Mark Hamblin

My name is Mark Hamblin and I have just been elected as the co-chair for the Learning Disability Partnership Board in North Yorkshire.


I am also the Safe Places representative for the Partnership Board and I would like share with you what has been happening recently with the Safe Places scheme in North Yorkshire.

If you look around your town and you see the Safe Places sticker in a window it means it is part of the Safe Places scheme. The Safe Places scheme is for anyone who needs that extra support when they are out and about by themselves. For example, this scheme is for people with learning disabilities, autistic people or anyone with a mental health condition or dementia.

The Safe Places scheme is important to me because being a self-advocate, I go all over the place and sometimes I go alone. I often get panic attacks and it is comforting to know that I can go into a Safe Place and staff will get in touch with someone who knows me

I joined the Safe Places scheme in 2013 and it is free to join. If you join the North Yorkshire Safe Places scheme you get a card which you can show to the staff working at the Safe Place. It has your emergency contact details on and it also has images on it. If you are having trouble speaking you can point to the images so that people know why you have come in. For instance, if I am lost but I can’t talk because I am having a panic attack I can point to the picture of a lost person and get help from the staff.

A lot of people still don’t know about the Safe Places scheme in North Yorkshire.  To find out more and sign up to join the North Yorkshire Safe Places scheme please click on this link on your computer https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/safe-places

The Safe Places logoWe are planning lots of work next year, for example, we are going to make a checklist to explain what Safe Places staff need to do if anyone comes in with a Safe Places card. 

We are going to let more people know about the Safe Places scheme and what they need to do if they want to use it and also get more businesses signed up to be a safe place!