18 December 2019

BLOG: Samuel Sellers - self-advocate

My name is Samuel Sellers and I am a self-advocate. I go to Sandpiper house self-advocacy group in Selby once a month on a Wednesday morning as part of a group run by KeyRing.


I like being a self-advocate because we talk about anything that we have problems with or what we think can be made better for people with learning disabilities.

I am also a member of the North Yorkshire Live Well, Live Longer Delivery group meetings where we talk about the actions we were asked to do and check to see if we have completed them. The actions we have done are turned green and these all help people with learning disabilities to live longer healthier lives.  

We have done lots of work in Selby including visiting the local hospitals and doctor’s surgeries to put up posters about annual health checks and to let people know about the learning disability register.  

I like meeting lots of different people and talking to them. Our group even had a visit from the fire service this year when they talked to us about fire safety in the home and brought the truck for us to look at and sit on! They showed us some of their tools and I liked the bright cones they use at accidents that can fold down on top of each other to be put away.   

I enjoy standing up and reading presentations at meetings. Everyone is great and I always get a round of applause. 

We need more new people to come to our meetings. If you want to have your say or learn more about the work we do across North Yorkshire, you can look at our website page https://www.nypartnerships.org.uk/learningdisabilitypartnershipboard and you can contact KeyRing by emailing karen.murray@keyring.org or phone us on 07833 309 693.