26 February 2019

BLOG: The Inclusion North Member Day

Christopher Porter is a self-advocate and member of the Craven self-advocacy consulting group. He recently went to the Inclusion North Member Day.


In January I went to York to attend the Inclusion North Members Day. Inclusion North is an organisation based in Leeds and they help local Learning Disability Partnership boards with different types of work. For example Inclusion North has helped the North Yorkshire Learning Disability Partnership Board to make Safeguarding booklets easier to read and understand.

Karen who is the Chief Executive of Inclusion North and Stewart who is the chairman welcomed everyone to the Members Day. Simon Duffy talked about being a citizen and the seven key areas and we then did some group work on Citizenship. We thought about what citizenship means to us. I said 'being in control of your life.' I wrote the ideas on Hexagon shaped card and put the cards at the back of the room.

The next speaker was Stan Cook MBE who talked about the role of family carers and carers in general, and the important role they play in people's lives. After lunch, Martin Wilson talked about using a Personal Budget to get a great life. Martin talked about George and Becky who he looks after, saying they spent their budget on the performing arts. After Martin's presentation, George and Becky gave a performance of their play Wired. This was its first public performance. The dance company is called Tin Arts from Durham. Martin said George and Becky will be performing Wired in Leeds this year.

Susan Djouana talked about housing opportunities and we played housing bingo then wrote down what is good in our areas. I said Exclusively Inclusive and volunteering opportunities. We then heard about a tool for everyone called the RIX WiKi which is a computer programme where people with learning disabilities can tell other people their likes and dislikes.

Julie Bruce, a family carer from Bradford, talked about her son Jacob and his life with Autism, and getting people to think about caring in a creative way. Shanna Carrel from North Yorkshire County Council gave a presentation about the North Yorkshire Partnership Board and how to get the best from the Inclusion North membership. Each area gets a set amount of vouchers to help the North Yorkshire Partnership Board with different projects they want work on.


By Christopher Porter


For more information about self-advocacy in North Yorkshire you can follow the group on twitter and instagram. You can also contact Karen Murray at karen.murray@keyring.org or on 07833 309 693.