24 October 2019


Michelle and Susan have been sharing our experiences in Amsterdam at the Buurtcirkel annual conference.


If there’s one thing we love at KeyRing, it’s sharing our passion for building independence.  

So, when we were invited to the Buurtcirkel annual conference in Amsterdam we jumped at the chance. They asked us to run a workshop on all the things fantastic and fun about being supported by KeyRing. 

Buurtcirkels were set up by Pameijer after their innovation arm, +Vijf, researched and visited KeyRing.  they are based around the KeyRing Network support model. 

After a bumpy yet fun ride across to Amsterdam, we made our way to the venue and met with all of the fantastic individuals, coaches and volunteers who have made the Buurtcirkels the success they are today.  There was a lovely atmosphere and everyone was so friendly.   

We soon realised the differences between our networks and the Buurtcirkels across the Netherlands and were keen to learn more.  We had plenty of people wanting to come and say hello and learnt our afternoon workshop was fully subscribed.  

It was a lively and engaging workshop, and time flew by so quickly as we shared our experiences and responded to questions. It was a great opportunity to continue sharing with and learning from this inspirational organisation.   

We are always more than happy to share our experience and passion with organisations whether they are international, national or local. Ultimately, the aim is that we improve services for as many as people as possible. The more we share with each other, the better we can all become.