04 July 2019

Co-producing our Mission and Vision

Our Leadership Team have been meeting with KeyRing Members to talk about our Mission and Vision.


We wanted to make sure that our Mission and Vision are truly co-produced so we have started by meeting with Members to find out what they think KeyRing should be. Every session is tailored to the skills of the Members attending to get the best out of them and include everyone!

Charlie has blogged about the process for SCIE

The leadership team could sit around a table and come up with a brilliant Mission and Vision. After all, we know who we are and it would be cheaper than the hours spent with Members getting their feed-in. That approach is just not us though and it certainly is not co-production!


Below are some photos from the different hubs we have visited. More work will take place over the next six months and we'll keep everyone updated on the results.



A group of people doing a craft activity

A woman drawing and smiling at the camera

A woman painting and a man helping a younger man to paint


A large group of people sat around a table

Staple Hill

A man holding a piece of paper. People have written ideas for what KeyRing is like on it, eg 'Helpful, 'Friendly', 'Sociable'.

West Bromwich

A group of people working at tables. One man is on a laptop.


Three people

Barton Hill

A group of people doing papier mache with ballons

A group of people doing papier mache with ballons