13 September 2019

Home is...

When we ask people to tell us what Home is, they don’t tell us the colour of the walls or the number of rooms. They talk about how home makes them feel.


These feelings are ones of safety, pride and contentment. It is not about the building in which they live it is the sense of wellbeing that they have.

Here at KeyRing we work with over 1,000 people to build or maintain their independent living skills. We see this as being more than keeping a house. We see it as helping them build a home.

A home in a KeyRing network reaches beyond the walls and into the community. We help people to have a sense of belonging to feel a part of something. One Member, Andrea, tells us this is her first home after living with her mum. She speaks of how she is getting used to it but relies on KeyRing hubs as a way of making friends. Others tell us that they get one to one support from KeyRing workers but that the peer support we facilitate makes us unique. They like to share challenges and get advice from other Members. Then they can go home at the end of the day and be in their own space.

Their home sits within an ordinary community. A community whose resources we help people to access. We want people to have interconnected lives so that when people move on from services they still have a natural support network. When people become part of KeyRing they stay in their own home even after they move on from our support.

We love helping people to find the right home for them or to build wellbeing and a sense of belonging in an existing home.

As one Member told us ‘Home is where the heart is’.

To speak with us about opportunities to build networks of support you can speak to Mike on 07920 292 817 or email mike.wright@keyring.org.


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