18 September 2018

Out of the Shadows

Members of KeyRing's Working for Justice group were recently featured in an exhibition called Out of the Shadows.

Hugh Asher is the Criminal Justice Project Manager and Co-Chair of the Working for Justice Group and supported them to be involved in the project. 

"Polly Braden is a Freelance Photographer and Becky Sexton is a Project Manager from Multistory. They approached the Working for Justice Group in the summer of 2016 asking to attend one of the group’s meetings. They both met the group in Birmingham in October 2016 to explain the project that they were working on.

They were collaborating together to write a photobook about the experiences of people with learning disabilities and autism in the criminal justice system. They felt that such peoples’ experiences were often just shown in numbers, such as the percentage of people in prison who have a learning disability. Polly and Becky wanted to give a more detailed description of real-life experiences.

Most members of the group agreed to tell their stories and have their pictures taken. In the end two members’ stories were included in the book ‘Out of the Shadows – The untold story of people with autism or learning disabilities’. Danny and Kenny had their photographs taken in their home towns and told their stories which were then written up. Another eight people with learning disabilities and autism from other services and groups across the country, and who had been in the criminal justice system, also had their stories told in the book.

After the Working for Justice Group meeting in September this year, the group went to the Midland Arts Centre in Birmingham for the launch of the book. Danny and Kenny told everyone a bit more about themselves, we had cake and coffee and each member of the Working for Justice Group was given their own copy of the book. Then everyone went into the gallery itself to look at the big pictures on display. Lots of people took pictures of Danny and Kenny next to their photographs."


The book ‘Out of the Shadows’ is available at www.dewilewis.com/products/out-of-the-shadows