18 September 2018

Relaunching the Fitton Hill Hub

The Fitton Hill Hub was relaunched on Friday 14th September, with over 20 people attending from across KeyRing networks. Deborah was one of the staff members taking part in the launch.


"The aim of the Hub is to bring people together - Members, staff, and the local community - to enjoy a range of fun and educational activities, and offer a safe space for people to talk and feel part of something.

Members and staff came together to enjoy a range of activities including card making, bracelet making, and decorating biscuits and cupcakes. The day was filled with fun and laughter, whilst also providing a safe space for Members to seek advice on important matters.

Members told staff what they wanted to see at the Hub and gave great suggestions for future activities including a make your own lunch session, visits from the police and fire brigade and talks about mental health.

A man and a woman sat together in front of a notice board, smiling at the camera

Next week will include art and crafts, games and an exciting make your own lunch session where guests can sit together, chat, and make and eat a healthy lunch. We will also be talking about how we can include the wider community, and designing posters to put around the estate to invite people.

The day was a great success enjoyed by all, with many Members saying they could not wait to attend next week."

Deborah Vickers is a Community Enabler in Oldham.