16 January 2020

Sunflower Lanyards in Harrogate

Natasha is a Self-Advocate who lives in Harrogate. She told us about the sunflower lanyard.


This is something you or someone you are with, can wear around your neck when you are shopping to show people you may need extra support.

People who work in shops should know that when they see with the sunflower lanyard that you may need help. You can get the sunflower lanyard free from Sainsburys, Tescos or Marks and Spencers by speaking to someone on the information desk.

Natasha has been speaking to Harrogate Hospital to ask if they can introduce these lanyards for patients with a learning disability and autism. They are very interested and we hope to hear more about this later this year.


You can read more about what the North Yorkshire Self-Advocates have been doing in their newsletter. For more information about self-advocacy in North Yorkshire you can follow the group on twitter and instagram. You can also contact Karen Murray at karen.murray@keyring.org or on 07833 309 693.