15 October 2018

Thriving Communities FAST Grant!

Our Ancora project in Oldham has been awarded a £500 FAST grant from the Thriving Communities fund.


The Ancora project is a collaboration between KeyRing, Christians Against Poverty and Oldham Foodbank. It supports people in Oldham who are in crisis. Click here to read more about it.

Suzy Pabla, a support manager with the project, applied for a grant to support a new group called ‘That Monday Thing’.

“The group is initially for Ancora beneficiaries to share ideas, thoughts and concerns about things that impact them personally, their community and the region as a whole. We are only in our 3rd week and attendance is slowly growing but we are fine with that. Beneficiaries bring to the day whatever is on their minds.

Already we have had some great comments and thoughts on drug and alcohol services in Oldham, benefits and how housing deal with repairs. At some point we will share pertinent comments with services if beneficiaries are willing and in future groups, invite services to the group so beneficiaries can address their concerns directly.

Beneficiaries are invited to write their comments and concerns on a post it note that is placed on a tree. Every week, project workers take a photograph of the tree as a record of the meeting.

IF Oldham (Incredible Futures) are providing a healthy breakfast or snack for people.

The grant is to provide targeted small goody bags, in part as an incentive to attend but also as a thank you for sharing their thoughts.”