Short term support

Short term support

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Short term support

We can offer specific, time limited packages of support if you would benefit from some help with a specific issue.

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Short term support can be useful for...

...people who need support with things like:

  • self-esteem issues
  • housing issues
  • bereavement
  • hoarding
  • addiction
  • criminal justice
  • self-harm/neglect

You will create a plan for your short-term support and we will review it together throughout to make sure that you are getting the support you need from us. Support is flexible and we find the right mix for you together. You might have a mix of the below:

  • one to one support
  • group support
  • peer mentoring
  • support through messaging, online forums and video calls
  • telephone support
  • drop-ins

Even our short-term support services make use of peer support and community connections. This means that you will connect with other people who are supported by KeyRing and the local community you live in.

KeyRing support is designed to build more interdependence and offers an alternative to traditional support. By linking in with existing community resources you will become an active citizen who contributes to and is valued by your local community.

This asset-based community development approach means that the local community assets (people, resources etc) and individual's strengths unlock sustainable community development and ensure that you live the life you choose.

When you leave our short term support service, we will speak with you about what to do if you need us again. We will be happy to welcome you back into our support service. Some of our support options even offer drop ins for people who have moved on.

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When Imogen came to KeyRing she was homeless and recently bereaved. Her self-esteem was low, she was feeling very isolated and had a lot of debt.

We supported her with exercises to encourage healthy self-esteem. Imogen worked on thinking more positively and dealing with anger. She arranged payment plans with debtors and thought of ways to prevent future debt. Imogen now opens her bills and letters and knows who she can speak with if there is something that she does not understand.

She identified groups that she wanted to be part of and KeyRing supported her to attend. Working alongside the local housing provider, Imogen has found a flat that she loves.


Very helpful and had fun... Thank you for encouraging me to do more with my life.

Kris, supported through KeyRing's short term support service

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