Support for older people

People are supported to live independently for as long as possiblePeople who are connected with and contribute to their community are less lonely. This has positive impacts on mental and physical wellbeing and results in cost savings.  

KeyRing support is an alternative to building based day services and reduces the need for more intensive levels of support. People decide what they would like to achieve and we work with them to make this happen. The support is flexible and personalised. 

Everyone has skills and value that they can share with each other and their local community. We support people to provide peer support and to co-produce support that works in their life.

A shrinking social circle does not need to be an inevitable part of ageing and people should continue to maintain their connections.  

Whilst traditional approaches to supporting older people have focused on specialised day services that group all ‘older people’ together and provide them with ‘older people’s activities’, KeyRing’s approach promotes the use of community-based resources and facilities, helping people get involved with what is already available. In doing so it supports and sustains natural friendships and develops new ones, warding off loneliness and social isolation and creating happier communities. 

Support flexes to the aims and aspirations of the individual.  

What does the support include?

  • One-to-one personalised support with things like health, budgeting, dealing with correspondence, domestic skills, just getting to know someone.
  • Connecting people to their community, including help to get out and do the shopping, finding out what’s going on in the community and local area and help to reconnect or get involved with local groups and activities.
  • Connecting people to others and creating a network of natural support.

We want to help to prevent people feeling lonely by:

  • having some support to come to groups and meeting new people
  • making new friends, or reconnecting with family or old friends
  • connecting with people who have shared interests


Dean had been financially abused and was struggling to cope.

Smiling man

Dean lives alone following the death of his partner. He had been financially abused by unscrupulous tradesmen. Dean was not coping well with his finances or paperwork.

We discussed the situation with Dean who decided to see an independent financial advisor. He wanted to weigh up whether he could afford to retire. We supported him through this process and Dean has since decided to begin enjoying his retirement.

Dean’s standard of living was low. His house was in a state of disrepair and he could not cook himself hot meals as he did not have a cooker. We sought a list of reputable tradesmen and supported Dean to obtain quotations. He is now happy with his home.

Dean has been connected into local men’s groups in his community and we are continuing to find him activities that fit with his hobbies and interests.

Dean is now looking into going on holiday. He tells us that he never had a happy holiday and is worried about it but that he would like to try out a short break to begin with.

Dean is having an enjoyable and active retirement.



Daniel had no utilities and was struggling with anxiety.

Man in pink top

When Daniel joined KeyRing, he had no heating, hot water, working toilet or furniture. He had a house but not a home. He had severe and crippling anxiety.

We supported Daniel to go through his mail, complete forms and make calls. He began to attend GP appointments to support him with his mental health and we arranged for him to have phone sessions with a counsellor.

Daniel recognised that his home environment was affecting his mental health. He had previously had support to improve his home but he felt overwhelmed. He did not feel like he was in control of the situation. KeyRing supported him to make decisions for himself. Daniel obtained quotations, decided how much he could afford, arranged for funds to be released from his pension and discussed what he wanted from his home improvements.

The renovations took five weeks. Now Daniel lives in a home that he is proud to invite people into. He is much more active and confident. He maintains his house and keeps on top of the cleaning.

Daniel is connected with other KeyRing Members and his social circle is widening. He helps to inspire others to make changes and to do what they can to make their homes welcoming and relaxing.


“It took me a while to accept help because I was afraid and embarrassed but once I realised that you were all there to help and do it my way it meant the world to me.”

KeyRing Member

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