Theory Behind KeyRing

KeyRingness – A Life Changing Approach

KeyRing began in 1990. A number of people labelled as having a Learning Disability said they wanted homes of their own. They were told that they couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to. We knew this was wrong. We focus on what people can do and challenge assumptions of what people can achieve.

People who focus on what people cannot do use a ‘deficit-based’ approach. We know that the more people are told that they can’t do something, the more they need help to do things.

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By starting with what people can do, we know that people become more confident and can do more. This is a much better result.

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Working in this way means that the people we work with, volunteers and people in the community can use their skills and experience to help others, as well as themselves.

We have many different services. Each and every service sticks with this belief that everything starts with what people can do. The best bit is that often people are surprised and delighted by what they can actually do. To be honest, we do get some complaints from people who used to have everything done for them. That’s ok, we know that when you’ve been told that you can’t do something for a long time, it can come as a shock to realise you can.

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We have helped thousands of people achieve great things and to become more independent and less reliant on costly and less empowering support.