The Way We Do Things

A woman reaching towards the words 'My Life' written on the wall

KeyRing focuses on the assets of the people we support and other people in the communities in which they live.

KeyRing is all about listening to and working alongside people in their local communities so the people we support gain greater independence, improve their wellbeing and are part of a network of contacts and friends.

We believe that the local community has the answers and that mutual support, volunteering and working are great vehicles for getting to know people and developing skills and confidence, all of which contribute to stronger and more resilient communities.

The community is our network:

A map with arrows pointing to Members, KeyRing support, and different community facilities


Asset Based Community Development uses the assets people in a community bring and the resources in the community as the basis for development; it empowers the people of the community by encouraging them to utilize what they already possess.

Principles that guide ABCD include:

  • Everyone has gifts
  • Relationships build a community
  • Citizens at the centre
  • Leaders involve others
  • People care
  • Listen: decisions should come from conversations where people are heard.
  • Ask: asking for ideas is more sustainable than giving solutions.
  • Local community members are in control.
  • Institutions serve the community


KeyRing focuses on the assets of the people we support and other people in the communities in which they live. This is true of every place that we work in or community of interest we support.

We work together to find ways to activate those resources, capabilities and social capital to improve outcomes and wellbeing of our Members.

We have staff and volunteers who are local, who have networks and connections in the area.

We connect people to each other and to wider community assets.

KeyRing is empowering; we listen, and ask, and encourage local leadership.

We all make good use of local facilities and contribute to the local economy.

We all use all the resources available to us and work with others to grow and mobilise community assets.

We know our area inside out.

We learn from our experiences and share with others in the UK and internationally.


This way of working is underpinned by our values

  • Equality
  • Rights and Respect
  • Inclusion and Influence
  • Change

It is important to KeyRing that our Members, staff and volunteers understand those values, experience them in action, and are keen to apply our values in their daily lives.




A diagram showing Maslow’s Hierarchy of NeedsOur focus is on the outcomes that Members want to achieve in their lives. The fundamental need is for a place where you are safe, in your own home and have an income to support yourself. This is our starting place and from here we work with our Members on their personal journeys.

We borrow a lot from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory. We know that life events can set us back or spur us on, and the confidence of others in our abilities is a crucial part of our personal development. We know that everyone is capable and able to grow.



We often use the Outcomes Star tool because Members are in control of setting their outcomes and can easily see the journey they are on.

Each person’s journey is unique, and KeyRing is just a part of that journey.

Some Members are part of KeyRing for many years, for others it may only be a few weeks. For everyone our ambition is for the individual to be in control of their lives, interconnected with others, self reliant and living a meaningful life.