What we do

What we do

Networks of support

We smash barriers to independence through connection, flexible support and skill-building.

Everyone who joins KeyRing has faced some barriers to living independently. They may be moving to their very first home or be at risk of homelessness. They may have multiple support needs or lead a ‘chaotic’ lifestyle.

It does not matter where people begin. We help them to take control of and responsibility for their lives and achieve their full potential.

We build independence

We connect people

We provide flexible support

We focus on all that people can do

We adapt to local needs

We work with people, not labels


We build independence

Or should we say inter-dependence?

KeyRing helps people to build their independent living skills. Independence is about seeing beyond services, we know this and so do the people we support.

The duration and focus of the support is adaptable to the individual. We encourage them to do more and more for themselves. With our engagement, people can achieve more than they or others thought they could.

We reduce support not only by encouraging people to build on their own skills but by encouraging people to share their skills with each other. We also map out the resources in the local community and actively encourage participation. 

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We connect people

Independence is great. Isolation is not.

Long term independence is about connecting people. Making friends, getting to know your neighbours and being active in the local community.

You can read more about how we do this in the links below. 


We provide flexible support

A man in a suit and tieFlexible timings, flexible supporters, flexible levels of support. 

We work with people and lives. Lives do not always run smoothly. For every bump in the road KeyRing have a support option.  

We can flex up our support if needed. We don’t ask people to wait until their allotted hours or tell them that they are out of time. We just find a way. The service is designed in this way.  

Independent people don’t head with their support provider to the pub or call them for a bit of advice. That’s what friends are for. We encourage these connections. In the social care sector this is often called mutual support or peer support. We do that. This support is one of the key support options within our networks.  

The community provides further support to people. This might be accessing clubs or churches. It could be as a way of leading a healthier lifestyle be going to the local gym. 

Our volunteers and staff are available within the community. And there is a 24/7 phone line with trained advisers available to everyone who joins KeyRing. 

It is our role to connect people to support beyond KeyRing. Lives do not revolve around our service. They revolve around the individual. 

All of this aims to build independence. Our flexible levels of support mean that people can take steps towards independence. When people move on from KeyRing’s packages of support, we still invite them to our community hubs and meetings. This provides added value. 


We focus on all that people can do

By focussing on what they can do, we support people to achieve what they never thought possible. They are empowered and less reliant on services.

Every Member (person who is part of KeyRing) co-produces an action plan with their KeyRing support worker. This will detail specific goals (both short and long-term), actions needed, by when and by who.

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  We believe that:

  • We should always look at what a person is good at
  • People’s own experience is really important (for example their experience of social care)
  • People with similar experiences can support each other really well
  • It is more important to help people and communities do things for themselves than to do it for them


 You can read more about our coproduction approach in our easy read coproduction policy.


We adapt to local needs

We have adapted our support model for particular groups of people and/or to meet specific outcomes. Connection, flexibility and skill building are the foundation of all our services.People are different and so are the areas that we work in. We have a multilocal approach to delivery. This means that we provide local services that work with local people.

We map out the resources available in the community. People become more involved in their local area and less reliant on support services. We encourage them to become active citizens and to offer their skills and voice to the benefit of the local area.

Discover our localised services and the people they work with.


We work with people

Three people stood together outdoorsWe don't like labels. Labels can limit people's dreams. They don't tell you anything about what a person can achieve. 

Sometimes we do need to use labels to help people understand who KeyRing can support. 

So.... Some of the teams we work with are: learning disability teams, mental health teams, drug and alcohol teams, physical and sensory disability teams, autism and Aspergers specialists, older people teams, transitions teams and neighbourhood teams. 

If someone needs personal care services, we will work with local care providers.


Contact us

To explore how KeyRing can move people to independence in your area:

Contact us or call 020 3119 0960.

If you would like to refer to one of our existing services, please visit our Where we work page. Here you will find our local contacts.