What we do

What we do

Networks of support

We smash barriers to independence through connection, flexible support and skill-building.

Everyone who joins KeyRing has faced some barriers to living independently. They may be moving to their very first home or be at risk of homelessness. They may have multiple support needs or lead a ‘chaotic’ lifestyle.

It does not matter where people begin. We help them to take control of and responsibility for their lives and achieve their full potential.

We focus on all that people can do

By focussing on what they can do, we support people to achieve what they never thought possible. They are empowered and less reliant on services.

Every Member (person who is part of KeyRing) co-produces an action plan with their KeyRing support worker. This will detail specific goals (both short and long-term), actions needed, by when and by who.

We connect people

We actively link KeyRing Members and they provide mutual support. You might call it friendship. We call it real life.

We widen our networks further by actively engaging with the local community. KeyRing Members share their skills and have their voices heard. They become active citizens; they build their confidence, their connections, and their independence.

We provide flexible support

People do not wait for their support day to have a crisis. Nor can they always fit their issues into their allocated support hours. Our connected approach, with peers, volunteers, and staff, means we can allow for the ups and downs of life.

We adapt to local needs

We have a multi-local approach to delivery and know that one size does not fit all. We have adapted the model for particular groups of people and/or to meet specific outcomes. Connection, flexibility, and skill building are the foundation of all our services. 


The KeyRing Network page explains a typical network in action.

The KeyRing Network map


Contact us

To explore how KeyRing can move people to independence in your area:

Contact us or call 020 3119 0960.

If you would like to refer to one of our existing services, please visit our Where we work page. Here you will find our local contacts.