What We Do

Support Networks and so much more.

We offer many creative options to support people. Whatever support we are delivering; we start with the strengths and skills of the people we work with and the community they live in. KeyRing Support Networks are just one of the approaches we offer.

Our support is flexible, and so is our service design. We support local authorities to consider services that focus on their own challenges, embrace the strengths of the community and explore life beyond support.

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We help people find their strengths and connect them.

If you like the sound of this read on. All of our support is adapted to the areas we work in and the people we work with.

Some of the things we help people with are:

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How we do this

Over the years we have worked with local authorities to create approaches that work for their local communities. Here are some of the things we do:

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You can find out about particular support by looking at where we work. If we don't have anything in your area, contact us to find out how we can help.