Assistive Technology Project

The Newcastle ConnectITT project works with adults with a learning disability across the city. 30 people are identified for the pilot which is funded through the Department of Health’s Housing and Technology Capital Fund. 

The people involved will have state of the art technology called GrandCare installed in their homes. At the heart of this is a unique touchscreen computer which is personalised to each individual. The technology reminds people to take medication, allows them to plan their days and can be monitored by family and carers. The system will allow greater independence for the person whilst providing peace of mind for families.

Users can also use the screen to watch videos, monitor their health and contact family via videolink. KeyRing will be working with a small number of the pilot group to create a new network. This will be of around 7 people who live across the city. We will be working with the group to connect to each other virtually, using their Grand Care, and we will also be bringing them together in real life. The aim is to help this group to become less socially isolated and to involve them in the wider KeyRing networks already present in Newcastle.


For more information on this project Catriona Hackney-Huck on 07917 686 658 or at