Making It Real

Making it Real is all about being really honest about how good and personalised your support is and working hard to improve. 

The people we support loved being involved in looking at the Making it Real I and We statements. We got some really positive input and were keen to continue with that coproduction approach.

Making it Real calls for people to be central to their care and support and we thought:

'What better way to demonstrate this than to put them at the heart of our Strategic Review?

We committed to this across the country with the people we support. 

Read more about our progress so far:

Our Experience

As strategic aims focus on what we want for the people we support, we needed the people we support to be at the heart of their review. It makes perfect sense!

We spoke with Members across the country and asked them to:

  • Describe KeyRing in a word
  • Think about the future of KeyRing and what we should keep doing
  • Talk about what we should stop doing

People really feel passionate about KeyRing and our future. They want more people to experience KeyRing support. 

People said that we are supportive, helpful, friendly honest, social 

We found some common themes. We will build our strategy around these.

Strategic Review Summary of findings 

What's next?

There is still more to do to turn our key themes into ambitious goals. We are working on that right now. We want common ground and shared goals.

We are making sure we are all signed up for the journey ahead!