Our Recruitment Agency

Our Recruitment Agency

Real jobs for real people

We know that many of the people we support want to work. We also know that despite high levels of employment across the country, some people find it difficult to get and keep a job.

Many of the people we support have the reliability, skills, and talents that employers are crying out for, others could develop these, but like everyone else who has ever worked, they need a start!

We believe this start should be in a real workplace; not in the confines of a classroom or day centre. If a person needs support to learn a role, we can provide this.


We support both employers and employees so that everyone gets a great deal

• The employee gets a job and the support they need to succeed
• The employer gets a role-ready, well supported employee, and support from us as needed


A man in a shop being given his change 


This is a new venture and with support from Catch 22, we are developing at pace!

At the moment, we are particularly keen to speak to employers. We want to know about the roles you have, discuss your recruitment and retention challenges, and understand any worries about employing someone who might need some support.

For more information, or to arrange a meeting please contact tracy.hammond@keyring.org